• Heatherwood acknowledges that the proper use of mobile phones can be a valuable asset, support for communication and also an aid to increase student safely.
  • The responsible use of technology as identified in this policy is supported by the Protective Behaviours Program, Cyber safety and ICT programs being implemented within the school.
  • Heatherwood recognises that the misuse of mobile phones within the school can be a cause of disruption and distraction for students.
  • Issues such as harassment resulting from offensive text messages or unwanted mobile phone callers and infringement of privacy rights through mobile phone cameras need to be addressed.
  • Educational programs that focus on developing an understanding of individual rights, responsibilities and possible outcomes which result from the misuse of mobile telephones outside the school often cause concerns that impact on student social relationships, impinge on student learning and can cause serious distress.
  • Parents would be encouraged to contact the police or other outside agencies if continual misuse of mobile phones outside school hours causes ongoing distress.


  • Mobile phones brought to school must be switched off during classroom lessons, assemblies, sport and other school activities. Unless specific permission is given, electronic devices should not be used for any purpose. This includes making calls, sending SMS's or listening to music during these times.
  • Phones with video/photo functions are not to have any material that could be considered an invasion of individual privacy, capable of causing embarrassment to any member of the school community or pornographic, illegal or offensive. Such phones are not to be used for this purpose during the school day, on school supplied buses or during any school event.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used to harass others in the form of taking photos, videos or sending communications relating to members of the school community. Any evidence that the phone has been used for bullying or harassment purposes will be seen to be infringing the schools Bullying and Harassment Policy therefore will be treated as a serious offence.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that any personal electronic devices brought to school are secured during the school day or during any school activity.
  • The school accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to any personal electronic device.
  • The school expects the school community to support the implementation of this policy.
  • The school expects the Heatherwood staff to implement and model the policy expectations.
  • This includes not using mobile phones during class time or in the presence of any student/students.


If a student breaches these policy guidelines then the following process will be implemented:

  1. Student given a warning and is reminded of the outcome of any future breach.
  2. Student given a written warning and parent notified of breach and next outcome.
  3. Student doesn't bring phone to school for a week OR hands in phone to the office before school and picks it up at the end of the day for a week.


For any further school policies please contact the school.